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Because news doesn't stop when you're sleeping, America starts the day with America in the Morning, WestwoodOne's award-winning radio news magazine. America in the Morning offers up-to-the-minute news reporting from around the country and across the globe, with all the latest overnight developments in breaking news, politics, entertainment, business and sports, delivered first thing in the morning.

Program host Jim Bohannon and his staff of correspondents provide a fast paced look at the world, with specialized reports from everywhere news happens. America in the Morning goes in-depth with analysis of critical events, and searches out stories of everyday life on "The Offbeat."

Through reports on overnight development across the globe, you'll hear all you need to know about business, Wall Street and the most critical foreign exchanges. America in the Morning sports experts, led by the inimitable Robert Workman, will bring you up to date on all the games, and Heather Zehr or another member of the team provides the latest on America's weather, with storm warnings, weather patterns and state of the art predictions.

America in the Morning. Our name says it all.

We're on live each weekday at 5:06 am Eastern Time, with repeats of the broadcast, updated as needed, at 5:06 am Central and Pacific Times.
Wednesday, Oct 22, 2014
Watergate reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein talk about the legacy - and what it was like to work with - Washington Post Executive Editor Ben Bradlee who passed away Tuesday at the age of 93. Bradlee presided over The Washington Post newsroom for 26 years and is credited with guiding The Post's transformation into one of the world's leading newspapers.
Tuesday, Oct 21, 2014
Donny Knepper's "Lift The Ban" campaign offers some compelling reasons why legendary baseball slugger Pete Rose should be reconsidered for entrance in Cooperstown, New York's National Baseball Hall of Fame.
Monday, Oct 20, 2014
A critique of President Obama's so-called "Ebola Czar" with former Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore, who also previously served as Chairman of the National Council on Readiness & Preparedness
Wednesday, October 22, 2014
Tuesday, October 21, 2014
Monday, October 20, 2014
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