Tuesday, August 13, 2019


TERRY SAVAGE is a nationally known expert on personal finance, the markets, and the economy. The latest edition of Terry’s most recent book The Savage Truth on Money is due out in October. Her other current best-selling book — The Savage Number: How Much Money Do You Really Need to Retire? — was published in Fall, 2009 and deals with issues in retirement planning and investing. You can read Terry’s columns, as well as post questions and comments at her website www.terrysavage.com, follow her on Twitter @TerryTalksMoney and on Facebook –The Savage Truth.



LIEUTENANT GENERAL COLBY BROADWATER, President of the American College of the Building Arts 





AND DR. WADE RAZZI, Head of ACBA Academics talk about training and job opportunities available through their college (unlike any other). 

WEBSITE: https://acba.edu 

What’s special about the way ACBA combines liberals arts and craftsmanship? History taught in the context of architectural history, science taught in the context of the science of materials ( in order to repair historic treasures ), math taught in the context of drawing, measuring, fitting.