Tuesday, December 3, 2019

OPPO: A NOVEL, by Tom Rosenstiel (Author)

Publisher: HarperLuxe; Large Print edition (December 3, 2019) 

A breathless and highly charged political thriller: the story of a senator who is offered the vice presidential slot by both parties’ presidential nominees and then gets ominous threats 

It’s presidential primary season in Washington, DC, and both parties are on edge. At campaign rallies for all the candidates around the country, there are disturbing incidents of violence and protest and shocking acts of civil disobedience. Rena and Brooks are happy to sit it out. Against this backdrop, Wendy Upton, the highly respected centrist senator, must make a choice: she’s been offered the VP slot by both parties’ leading candidates. When she receives an anonymous, unnerving threat that could destroy her promising career, she hires Peter Rena to investigate her past and figure out which side is threatening her and what they are threatening her with. As Rena digs through the senator’s seemingly squeaky-clean past, he must walk the tightrope between two parties at war with each other and with themselves, an electorate that is as restive as it has ever been, and a political culture that is as much driven by money as it is by ideology. 

TOM ROSENSTIEL is the executive director of the American Press Institute and a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution.

WEBSITE: https://www.americanpressinstitute.org

Before joining the American Press Institute in January 2013, he was founder and for 16 years director of the Project for Excellence in Journalism at the Pew Research Center in Washington, D.C., and co-founder and vices chair of the Committee of Concerned Journalists. He is the author of nine books, including his two novels. His first, Shining City (2017), about a supreme court nomination, was an NPR Book of the Year. His second, The Good Lie (2019), about a terrorist incident, was a Washington Post best seller. Tom has written seven books on journalism, politics and ethics. Among them is The Elements of Journalism: What News People Should Know and the Public Should Expect, co-authored with Bill Kovach, which has been translated into more than 25 languages and is used widely in journalism education worldwide. It has been called “a modern classic” (NYT) and one of the five best books ever written on journalism (WSJ).



With more than fifteen years of healthcare industry experience, SETH DENSON successfully co-founded and leads an international risk management consulting firm specializing in healthcare supply chain management. His TEDx Talk on how consumers should engage with the healthcare system garnered global attention and has led him to be a regular commentator on national media outlets including Fox News, Fox Business, CNN, ABC, NBC & CBS. Dubbed a “modern day Lorax” by one reporter, Seth blends a sophisticated way of thinking with a no-nonsense straight-forward charismatic communication style. In addition to his advocacy platform, Seth also is the founding board member of a national healthcare reinsurance collaborative where he helps guide the future of healthcare for thousands of employees and hundreds of businesses.


WEBSITE: https://beulahsplace.org

“I am living and leaving a positive legacy that can be adapted on any scale for the purpose of saving the future of our country, and that future is our youth.”

-Andi Buerger

Andi Buerger understands the young people she and her husband rescue. The co-founder of the national 501c3 nonprofit Beaulah’s Place was a victim of severe child abuse, and has since dedicated her life leading homeless teens away from sexual exploitation by criminals and predators. Her extraordinary work takes teens off the streets and into a stable schedule with a roof over their heads and viable employment.  Buerger and her husband, Ed, started the nonprofit in 2008 in their hometown of Redmond, Oregon. “When we allow our children to be sold, to be used as a commodity, to be violated, persecuted, neglected, discarded and preyed upon by criminal influences, we deteriorate as a civilized community,” Andi Buerger said. “There is nothing civilized about using the weak, the innocent, the vulnerable for selfish gain. I am living and leaving a positive legacy that can be adapted on any scale for the purpose of saving the future of our country, and that future is our youth.” Human trafficking is a $13 billion per year criminal enterprise in the U.S., making it second only to the illegal drug trade. Many teens who leave home are looking for a safety net from abuse, but are lured by traffickers with the promise of a hot meal and a place to sleep. The traffickers use these children until they can be used no more – until they are too sick to earn, or dead. An abused young person faces a path of drugs, sexual exploitation, homelessness and worst of all suicide. “When our teens start working regularly, it provides not only financial compensation, but valuable structure for their lives,” Andi Bueger said. “Having something to get up for, show up for and do during the day or night greatly aids the independence they eventually acquire.” Beulah’s Place began as a vision to feed these hungry and homeless teens on a daily basis. Andi Buerger’s primary focus and education tool is to engage these street teens and the daily work with law enforcement and District Attorney’s offices to better assess and serve vulnerable youth.Andi Buerger escaped devastating conditions in her youth,and is a compelling advocate who provides victims and at-risk kids with homes, hot meals, jobs, healing and hope.Beulah’s Place is made possible thanks to partnerships with other nonprofits, including Childhelp, Protect The Children, InvestYourself.com and Mothers Against Sexual Abuse.

ANDI BUERGER is a powerful and compelling advocate.  She is speaking to members of Congress and groups trying to stop the crime of human trafficking. In 1988, she completed her law degree from Western State University College of Law. She dedicates her life to stopping the human trafficking and abuse of children.



Publisher: Living Joyously Today LLC (October 8, 2019)

Andi Buerger survived 17 years of sex trafficking by immediate and extended family members before that term even existed. In A Fragile Thread of Hope, Andi and writer Kay Farish recount her remarkable journey to healing and personal triumph, her fierce determination to rescue others like herself, and the desire to give all victims of sexual predators a genuine voice. The telling moves readers in a very powerful way.A Fragile Thread of Hope explores the epidemic of teen homelessness and sex trafficking pervasive throughout America, even in its smaller towns. The book combines Andi’s own story with first-person accounts of four survivors rescued by Beulah’s Place, a nonprofit created by Andi and Ed Buerger in Central Oregon. “These amazing true stories from courageous young voices who have beaten the odds and gone on to incredible successes teach us that what we think we see is not always the reality,” Buerger said. “The vast majority of homeless youth are not runaways by choice.” When it comes to child abuse in particular, Buerger asserts, “Someone knows. Someone always knows. It’s whether they have the compassion and courage to step up for what is right, what is necessary to save that victim.” *Portion of proceeds go to victims of child abuse and sex trafficking.