Monday, April 19, 2021


Foundation Professor at George Mason University’s Scalia School of Law F.H. BUCKLEY is our guest.


BUCKLEY is also a Senior Editor at The American Spectator, a columnist for the New York Post, and has written for the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, US News, National Review, the American Conservative, the New Criterion, Real Clear Politics, the National Post, the Telegraph, amongst many others. His most recent book: Curiosity and its Twelve Rule for Life (info below). Others include: The Way Back: Restoring the Promise of America (Encounter Books, April 2016); The Once and Future King (Encounter Books, 2015); The American Illness (ed., Yale 2013); Fair Governance (Oxford 2009); Just Exchange (Routledge 2005); The Morality of Laughter (Michigan 2003); and The Fall and Rise of Freedom of Contract (ed. Duke 1999).

His most recent book:


Publisher: Encounter Books (April 27, 2021)

Curiosity is the instinct that prompts us to act, and a book about curiosity should tell us how to live. This is the first to do so, with its twelve rules for life. While a fatal sin in Eden, curiosity is a necessary virtue in our world. It asks us to search for new experiences, to create, to invent. It tells us to look inward, to be curious about the needs of other people and about our own motives. It tells us not to be a stick in the mud or a bore. In particular, curiosity asks us to examine the most fundamental questions of our existence. When you put all this together, curiosity tells you how to live a life in full. While there’s a natural desire to explore, there’s also a natural desire to stay home. We have a dark side that wants to hide from the world. We’ve also been made incurious by the rise of bitter partisanships and narrow ideologies that have sent things and people we should care about to our mental trash folders. That’s why this book is needed today.

More on the Chauvin trial with STANLEY GOLDMAN, Professor of Law at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles; Director, Center for the Study of Law and Genocide.


While attending Loyola Law School, GOLDMAN was executive editor of the Loyola of Los Angeles Law Review. Goldman joined the Loyola faculty after serving 8 years as a Los Angeles County Deputy Public Defender. His scholarship is principally in the area of criminal procedure, evidence, and Genocide studies. He has been a Bar review lecturer in Ethics, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Evidence, Trusts and Wills and Constitutional Law.


PETE TRABUCCO is an Amusement Park Expert, Top Travel Specialist, TV Host, and Best-Selling Author of “A Personal Guide to the Best Thrill Rides and Amusement/Water Parks.”


TRABUCCO is an actor and nationally known travel/vacation and aviation expert. He has been an avid pilot and roller coaster enthusiast for more than 15 years and has traveled all over the country, riding over a thousand roller coasters in this time period.  He is the author of “America’s Top Roller Coasters and Amusement Parks” (2009) – Tate Publishing and “A Personal Guide to the Best Thrill Rides and Amusement/Water Parks” (2016). In addition to 3 dozen TV (over 500+ radio) interviews done so far promoting his book, he is also involved with a new reality show project called “Thrill Ride Maniacs.” This pilot is now in the production stage. Trabucco has also appeared in over two dozen stages productions (musicals and dramatic plays) in both the NYC and New Jersey area. Pete was also a Friday morning regular on the Nationally syndicated radio morning program “Daybreak USA” (2012-2015) with Jay Young on the USA Radio Network.

His book:


Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (March 29, 2017)

This is a classic story of a man who, for most of his life, was afraid of roller coasters and other thrill rides. Then at the age of forty, I was able to finally to see the drops and thrills at amusement parks for what they really are—an exciting experience that will always take your breath away and have you craving more! There is a certain magic to being at an amusement park that you just don’t experience anywhere else. Many people asked me, “So why write a second book on amusement parks and roller coasters?” My answer was easy. With the success of the first edition, the answer was quite simply. “Why not?” This time around I also wanted to talk about our nation’s best water parks and finest thrill rides. The intention of this book is to explore the best coasters and parks around the country that I have experienced firsthand—to explain why these rides are so breathtaking. In this latest edition, you can expect to find the most- innovative and most interesting rides that this industry has to offer. You will also find everyday tips for amusement park safety and a section on how to plan and pack for your amusement park experience. There are also tips to getting through security for you and your family as well. Finally for those who are still afraid of roller coasters and thrill rides, I have more tips on how to enjoy the ride and beat that beast “in everyone’s head” that I call the “fear factor.” So sit down and strap yourself in for another edition in my personal guide to ride series!