Wednesday, October 13, 2021

DOM GIORDANO from WPHT IN PHILADELPHIA is filling in for Jim Bohannon to talk about a variety of issues, and current events of the day.

We are also joined by KENNY XU an “identity politics” journalist, board member of the Asian-American Coalition for Education, AND staff member of Young America’s Foundation.

Xu is the lead insider on the Harvard case and a commentary writer for The Federalist, The Washington Examiner, The Daily Signal, and Quillette.  Kenny has spoken on the consequences of the Harvard case and its identity politics ideology in front of groups as diverse as the nationally-renowned Pacific Legal Foundation to the Boston Rally for Education Rights to the all-Black Connecticut Parents Union. 

Kenny’s articles have received large response rates: his articles in The Federalist alone average about 1200 shares per article.  His commentary has propelled him to interviews with NPR and features in The New York Times Magazine. His journalism is beloved by the Asian-American community and other meritocratic activists.  Asian-American activists have frequently solicited his advice on how to organize for meritocracy and equal rights.  As such he maintains extensive connections with the nationwide “meritocracy movement.” 

As the youngest board member of the Asian-American Coalition for Education (which sponsored the lawsuit) and an identity politics journalist for nearly two years, Kenny has unique and unprecedented access to the major players fighting the deep racial ideologies propagated by Harvard today, including SFFA legal strategist Ed Blum, anti-affirmative action activist Ward Connerly, and Asian-American equal rights advocate Yukong Zhao.

Kenny is a staff member of Young America’s Foundation, the leading conservative youth outreach organization in America.