Friday, October 15, 2021


With more on what’s happening within the trucking industry, our guests are AUSTIN CARTER and SIERRA NICOLE, Founders of Elite Trade Academy.


“ELITE TRADE ACADEMY is an educational institution based in Dallas, Texas that trains individuals to obtain skills for high-demand occupations or employment.

We are proud to announce our flagship program: CDL Entry Level Truck Driver Training.”

The Problem

During the 2020 pandemic, truck drivers were key essential workers during the lockdown. But despite truck drivers being needed more than ever, there is a huge national shortage that has been going on for years.

Trucking companies have not been able to find new drivers to keep up with the demand of the $700 Billion dollar truck driving industry.

One major cause of this truck driver shortage is that the average age of a truck driver is 55 years old. Many are retiring and aging out of the industry.

According to the American Trucking Association, there will be a need to hire over a million new drivers within the next decade.

The Opportunity

Starting on February 7th, 2022, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration will require any individual looking to obtain their CDL, to complete and pass Entry-level Driver Training through an approved program that is in compliance with the new requirements.

This will cause a decline in available programs in the $278 million dollar truck driving school industry, and impact an industry that is already dealing with a substantial shortage of labor.

Many schools in Texas alone have a waitlist for individuals looking to obtain their CDL that is 3 months long.


Long time Fox News Executive, former Rome bureau chief for Time magazine and author JOHN MOODY is our guest to talk about his new book:


Publisher: ‎ Brick Tower Press (September 11, 2021)

An unhappy Chinese virologist. A master seamstress who thinks Italy should be for Italians. An unemployed twenty-something who believes Artificial Intelligence is the future and America in fatal decline. And an ordinary Joe from Pittsburgh who doesn’t like being told what to do by the government. Or its lying leaders.

Their lives, and the lives of billions more, will be twisted together by an invisible viral intruder that knows nothing of national boundaries, political parties, love … or pity.

Where was the virus created, and by whom? Did anyone try to prevent it? Or was unleashing this monstrous disease on the entire planet the objective all along?

A story that spans continents, cultures, politics, and new technology, “Of Course They Knew, Of Course They…” looks at the unprecedented horror that brought the world to a near-standstill, and started a blame game that is still going strong. This book is fiction, yes, but so close to the reality every reader shared, it might as well be a headline. If you still believe the headlines.

JOHN MOODY is a former Executive Vice President, Executive Editor for Fox News and a former Rome bureau chief for Time magazine. He co-wrote The Priest Who Had to Die, and is the author of Moscow Magician, a novel, Pope John Paul II, a biography, and Kiss It Good-bye, a true baseball love story.