What is Westwood One?
Westwood One is a diverse radio programming and advertising sales company that provides vital content and services to more than seven thousand radio stations throughout the United States. Westwood One produces and/or distributes over 200 news, sports, music, talk and entertainment radio programs as well as audio content from live events and digital content. The company also produces the Westwood One 24/7 turnkey music formats as well as prep services, jingles and imaging. In addition, Westwood One serves as the largest sales representative for independent third party providers of audio content.

We share stdio locations with CBS Radio in New York, NY, and Washington, DC. CBS Radio combined its owned radio network operations with Westwood One’s and they are now operated as a single entity, which is why you will hear various CBS radio and television correspondents doing voice reports on The Jim Bohannon Show, America in the Morning, and other Westwood One programs.

Who chooses the guest hosts when Jim takes a night off?
That job falls to Management. Neither the host nor the producer has any say in the matter. Not that Management hasn’t done a fine job finding guest hosts…were you listening when these folks graced the Jim Bohannon Show microphones?: Joan Rivers, Fred Grandy, Leslie Marshall, Allan Prell, Tom Snyder, Jerry Springer, Rosie O’Donnell, Dan Abrams, Jeff Katz, the Reverend Al Sharpton, Jay Alan, Janet Langhart Cohen, Dan Raviv, Ron Insana, Max Kellerman, Dom Giordano, Joe Scarborough, Richard Bey, and Jackie Mason?

Can I listen to the show using my computer?
YES…but only during the live broadcasts–the Jim Bohannon Show from 10 pm to 1 am Eastern Time on weeknights and America in the Morning from 5:00 to 6:00 am on weekday mornings. If you want to listen to either of these programs at a time more convenient to you, or if you’d like to listen to Jim’s weekly program America This Week, drop by these great affiliates of ours.
Do you offer transcripts or audio copies of the program?
Sorry, no. We just don’t have the staff to produce them. But you can download a copy of any show by going to its archive page, clicking on the SAVE tab on the play bar, and following the directions thereafter to save onto your computer.

Where can I find a list of stations that air the Jim Bohannon Show?
Go to the bar on the top of the page and choose ‘Station Finder.’ All of our affiliates are listed there

Where can I buy a copy of your theme music?
Sorry, but you can’t. The Jim Bohannon Show theme were composed specifically for those programs and were performed by a very talented group of studio musicians. They are not available commercially.

Did You Know…?
…that the Jim Bohannon Show studio in Washington, DC, has a mirrored ceiling? As far as we know, it’s the only such radio studio in existence. (As to why it’s mirrored? We have no clue!)

…that we don’t hear the commercials in the show? (They’re added by a computer at the network’s operations center in New York City.)

…that Jim does America in the Morning from another, smaller studio no more than 20 feet from where he does the Jim Bohannon Show? Why? Well, Westwood One’s other morning news show, First Light with Evan Haning, 1) needs a greater level of engineering and production expertise (for instance, that show has a daily segment that includes listener telephone calls), and 2) Evan wanted his daily chance to stare at the mirrored ceiling, too!