How To Call

What You Need To Know When You Decide To Give The Jim Bohannon Show A Call

When should I call in?
This isn’t a foolish question. What you may not know about network radio is that stations don’t necessarily air programs as they’re being done live. So, if you want to get in on the conversation on The Jim Bohannon Show, you need to call us during the time we’re doing the show live: each weeknight from 10:00 pm to 1:00 am Eastern Time. The first hour of the show almost always features a guest, so your question should be for that guest. The second hour of the show also frequently features a guest-sometimes someone holding over from the first hour, sometimes someone entirely different, but the same rules apply. The third hour of the show rarely (not never, but rarely) has a guest, so that hour is usually your chance to talk to Jim about anything that’s on your mind–or his. The number to call is 1-866-50-JIMBO (that’s 1-866-505-4626 for the alphabetically challenged–like the program producer!).
What happens when I call in?
Your call is directed to our ten-line phone bank. Calls are answered by the producer in the order in which they are received. You will be asked for your name and where you’re calling from. We need both city and state–just saying “Pennsylvania” isn’t specific enough, and just saying something like, “Oh, I’m calling from Springfield” doesn’t cut it–do you know how many Springfields there are in this country? (And we’re not even counting Homer Simpson’s!) Please spell your name or the place you’re calling from if either is unusual–we’d like our host to identify you properly. Also, please give us some help with unusual pronunciations!
Okay, you’ve got my information–now what?
If you call during the time a guest is on, you may be asked specifically if you want to talk to that guest. We’re not just being silly by asking this: as noted above, some of our stations air the show on a delayed basis, and you may be calling in at a time when your station is airing a different part of the program than the one that is airing live. When a guest is on, we really want you to have a question for that guest. Your opinion may be of interest, but we booked a guest for a reason, and it’s their expertise we are trying to share with everyone. Please stay on topic–that’s just being fair to the guest and your fellow listeners. If you would like to speak on a different topic, please call us during an “Open Phones” hour.
I’m ready to go–what’s next?
TURN YOUR RADIO DOWN. That’s so important, we’re going to say it again: TURN YOUR RADIO DOWN! The show is done on a seven-second delay, meaning what you hear on your radio actually took place seven seconds before. If you’re trying to listen to yourself while you’re speaking, well, let’s just say it doesn’t make for riveting radio. Once you’re put on hold you’ll hear the show on the phone. EXCEPT….
Wait a minute! My phone just went silent!
Do not panic–we took a commercial break. While The Jim Bohannon Show originates from Washington, DC, the commercials are added at the Network’s operations center in New York City. We in the studio don’t hear the commercials; therefore, neither will you on the phone. Except for the break between hours of the show, our commercial breaks all run between three minutes and three minutes 12 seconds. We haven’t lost you, we haven’t hung up on you, we’ve just gone quiet for a bit. Be patient, get a glass of water, and collect your thoughts. You may be next!
When is my big chance?
As soon as you hear Jim say your name and where you’re calling from, head right into your question for the guest and/or Jim.
Awww…done so soon?
Well, Jim likes to get as many people on as he can comfortably. Once he feels your point has been made or the conversation turns, he moves on. Yes, that does mean “he hung up on you.” Sorry–host’s prerogative. It is called The Jim Bohannon Show for a reason.
Can I let other people get their questions in and then call you back?
Nope. One call per week is the rule. Keep listening, wait a few days, and then if you have something worthy to contribute, call us again.
Hey! You didn’t let me on!
This is the decision the producer hates to make, but sometimes has to. On occasion the clock gets in the way and we run out of time-that’s the way it goes. If you weren’t going to be on topic, or you couldn’t come up with a question for our guest, you’re gone. If you called and got on within the previous week, sorry–you’re toast. If the sound coming from your phone reminds us of the original telephone quality as invented by Mr. A.G. Bell, you don’t make the cut. And if the location you’re calling from is noisy and we can’t hear you well, we can’t let you on–not even if you were the world’s most erudite Nobel prize winner. We apologize, but first and foremost we’re running a radio program here. If you can’t be heard easily and clearly by the producer one-on-one, our millions of listeners won’t have a chance.